Elementary Years


Pre Nursery, Lower Preparatory And Upper Preparatory

In the Elementary years we follow a non-formal, yet structured approach to learning. The Class Teacher provides a challenging academic programme that includes languages, mathematics and project work. 

Students are encouraged to explore the environment around them and their place in it, through projects which integrate art, craft, technology, music and dance. Activities are designed to develop their fine motor skills and encourage censorial development.

In a nurturing environment, they develop an awareness of themselves as responsible, capable learners. In short, they begin the process of learning by loving it!

In the Elementary School there are no examinations. Instead, teacher evaluations and assessments are continuous and ongoing, the objective being to track a child's skill development and general progress in terms of readiness for the next term. There are no tests, marks or grades in the Elementary School. The teacher keeps detailed records of each child's progress.